LESSONS / In our variety of courses there is bound to be something for everyone. We offer lessons for all levels and age groups. Whether you are an experienced skier looking to improove your style or you just want to learn the basics in order to ski safely, you’ve come to the right place.

Private lessons are possible at any time.
One hour for one person 45 EUR each additional person 15 EUR. (max. 3 person)

Instructor for a day:
One teacher 4h for a group 240EUR

Registration at least one day in advance. Course time according to agreement, during holidays privat lessons begin at 1p.m.
For registration please call the skischool office telefone +49-(0)8042-3636

Group courses begin from 26th of Dec.
From then on courses start twice weekly, on mondays for a day- or week course and saturdays for a weekend course.

Morning course
only for 4-6 year old
from 10 -12 o’clock

Day course
for juniors & adults
from 10-12 and 1-3 o’clock

One day trial course:
A package incl. a day course and rental equipment
Only possible on weekends & holidays

Experience shows that there are rarely only english speaking participants in group courses (same age & level) But you can take the chance on a group course because we have several english speaking instructors who can teach bilingually.

However we would recommend you to take a private lesson. In a private course you would be attended exclusivly in english

The minimum age for group courses is 4 years. Completed fourth year and older! The courses are divided according to age and ability. The course prices do not contain lift costs.

The time of our group courses depends on the number of participants. That means, if there are many participants in one course level, we organise the corresponding amount of groups. If there are only a few participants in one course level, the coure will still be held but the course time will be shortened. Progress will be the same because the teaching is way more intensive and individual. For 1-2 participants in one course level we alternatively offer private lessons.

Morning class: 3-4 pers. 1h / 5 and more 2h
Day class: 3-4 pers 2h / 5-6 pers 3h / 7 pers 4h
With 1-2 pers. there are only private lessons

10-12 a.m. & 1-3 p.m.
course time with 7 participants
10 a.m. -12 p.m.
course time with 5 participants
1 day 45 € 1 morning 30 €
2 days 80 € 2 mornings 55 €
3 days 110 € 3 mornings 75 €
4 days 140 € 4 mornings 95 €
5 days 170 € 5 mornings 115 €
1 extension day 35 € 1 extension day 25 €
for children, juniors and adults for children from 4-6 years
ONE DAY TRIAL COURSE children 6-12 yrs 50 €
jun. / adults 60 €
1 day course incl. rental equipment
one hours lesson for one person – flexible start time
each additional person – (max. 3 people) 15 €
group instructor, for one day/4hrs. – flexible start time

Groups are dependent on level and age. Course time depends on the amount of participants. Course time is reduced for mini-groups due to a more intensive teaching atmosphere. Our course tickets are valid for the duration of the season in which they are bought and they don’t have to be used on consecutive dates. Course price does not include lift pass.